Tomás Saraceno in Collaboration: Web(s) of Life is curated by Lizzie Carey-Thomas, Chief Curator and Chris Bayley, Associate Exhibitions Curator.

Director, Producer & Editor
Mark Campbell Garrity
Director of Photography
Fatosh Olgacher
Location Sound
Michael Thale
Sound Design & Composer
Adam Asnan
Production Assistant
Amalia Adams
Senior Editor and Curator of Editorial Projects
Hanna Girma
Content Producer & Editor
Fiona Glen

The Spider’s Answers, Bollo Pierre Tadios, Nggam dù. Courtesy the Artist.

Fly With Aeroceno Pacha, A Project For An Aerocene Era. A Film With The Aerocene Community by Tomas Saraceno & Maximiliano Laina 2021. Courtesy of the Artist.