Part of Buffer Fringe Festival 2022, supported by Europe Direct Ledra Palace Area.
ΚΥΠ|RIS is a video installation divided into two paths, with two different films based on the experiences of Cypriots living in either the north or the south of the island during the period of 1974-2004. Attendees will be allowed to access only one half of the installation through a randomly allocated passport. At the conclusion of the films, the divided audience members will join back together with each other to discuss what they saw on their half and how they perceived those years in separation & isolation.
83 minutes. Presented in Greek, Turkish & English.
Director & Cinematographer
Fatosh Olgacher
Producer & Editor
Mark Campbell Garrity
Interview Crew
Dimitris Louca
Anastasia Demetriado
Andreas Georgiou
Translators & Subtitles
Tom Cleaver
Chrystalla Tsoutsouki
Berke Kayhan
Installation Crew
Mehmetemin Yıldız Çoban
Pembe Mıstıkoğlu
Mahmut Erol