The Amazing World of Emma is a Thriller/Drama about a University student who discovers the existence of a fan-made website containing hundreds of photos and videos of her. The film follows Emma as she tries to discover who’s filming her, why this is happening and what their purpose is.

Winner - Best Student Short Film | Performance Short Film Competition 2021
Winner - Best Student Short Film | Firm Film Festival Valladolid 2021
Winner - Best Student Short Film | British Independent Film Festival 2021
Winner - Best Student Short Film | Moscow Film Festival 2020
Nominated - Best Student Short Film | Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2021
Nominated - Best Cinematography/ Best Student Director /Best Actress Debut - Prague International Film Festival 2021
Honourable Mention- Flicks International Student Short Film Festival 2021
Selected - Madrid Film Awards 2021
Selected - MIFF 2021

Directed and Written by 
Laurence Roberts

Ceara Coveney
Sarah Agha
Michael Muyunda
Gerardo Adesso

Produced by 
Mark Campbell-Garrity
Assistant Producer
Maddie Carr
Assistant Producer
Valentine De Benedetti
Fatosh Olgacher
Score by 
David Beard
Production Design
Leon Chrimes
Abigail Moon
Alex Withers
Location Sound
Dafydd Mann
1st AC
Joe Nichols
2nd AC
Thomas Levene
Anastasia Kozlovtseva
Location Assistant
George Tait
Featuring music from Nactus Kunan & Loowana